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Zhuhai acetate fiber Company Intelligent System



Zhuhai acetate fiber co., LTD. Was established in 1993. It is a joint venture between China national tobacco corporation and the American celanese corporation, specializing in the production of cellulose acetate tow.For the early realization of "become the international first-class cellulose acetate enterprise" of the enterprise vision, the company in zhuhai gaolan port economic zone refined chemical move expansion project implementation, with a total investment of about 1.67 billion yuan, covers an area of 280000 square meters.

Based on the principle of practical and applicable, the zhuhai cellulose fibers co., LTD. All new campus construction of intelligent system for organic integration of the integration, intelligent systems constitute the whole factory area, to the factory in the building of equipment to provide a safe and stable operation environment, for clients to create effective, convenient and comfortable working environment, to provide a safe, energy saving, easy to maintenance and management of intelligent operations plan.


  • Comprehensive Wiring System

  • Computer Network System

  • Security Protection System

  • Cable Television System

  • Background Music System

  • Conference System

  • Conference management system

  • Information Release System

  • Machine Room Construction

control center

Multifunction Room

Training Room